Copper vs Aluminum Coil for Air Conditioning [Pros & Cons]

Air conditioners are extremely helpful, especially during the scorching summer climates in India. You can just turn on the AC and you’ll feel the cold air inside your room within minutes. The condenser coils inside the AC play a very important role in its functioning, especially w.r.t cooling. And, when it comes to condenser coils, Copper and Aluminum are … Read more

R32 V/S R410A V/S R22 V/S R290 [AC Refrigerants Compared]

You might have heard about filling up gas during the servicing of your Air Conditioner. Well, this gas is nothing, but a refrigerant filled in the condenser coils, without which the freezing system of an AC, refrigerator or deep freezer cannot work. There are different refrigerants used in an Air conditioner such as R32, R410A, R22 and R290. What is an … Read more

Best Hot and Cold AC in India: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The hot and cold air conditioners are said to be an ideal choice for Indian climatic conditioners. Our India is a tropical country with varied weather conditions throughout the year. We have summer, winter and rainy seasons during the different months in a year. While there are Inverter ACs to control the heat during the summer, the same may … Read more

How to Update Router Firmware? (Works for All Brands)

A WiFi router is like a gateway protecting your devices like Computers, Smartphones, IoT devices etc… from the hackers. But, it won’t be able to detect newer threats if you don’t update the firmware to the latest version. Regularly updating the firmware allows your router to function at its optimal performance by providing you with strong … Read more

Best WiFi Routers in India for Home and Office Use

Would you agree if I say that our life is not possible without a good WiFi Internet connection? True, isn’t it? Well, the same applies to a good WiFi router as everyone is going cordless these days. After a simple search online for the best WiFi routers in India, a lot of websites popped up but none could … Read more

Best Car Air Purifiers in India: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

More than luxury, a car air purifier has become a necessity since the roads and highways we’re traveling have much higher levels of air pollution than our home. The things get even worse when you take your pet in the car or smoke while in the car. According to a report, it is estimated that an Indian spends … Read more

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Indian modular kitchens are said to be incomplete if you they don’t have the best kitchen chimney brand installed. We, the Indians are extremely fond of spicy foods that are deep fried and full of oils/fats. It is not a crime to enjoy these delicacies at home occasionally. But, what matters is the after-effects of your cooking. … Read more

Best Dishwashers in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Washing utensils after cooking/eating is one the most hectic jobs for anyone, especially for women as they have to cook and also do the cleanup. Since it is not very easy to maintain an Indian maid/servant to clean the utensils these days, there is a high need for automation. And, that is where the Electronic Dishwasher … Read more