Last Updated: June 13, 2011


This Online Privacy Policy applies to the websites of High Mark Credit Information Services Pvt. Ltd (“HMCIS”). This policy document explains how HMCIS collects, uses, and shares information from, or about you when you visit this and other HMCIS websites.


HMCIS reserves the right, at its discretion, to change this Online Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. The caption "Last Updated" at the top of this policy document indicates the date on which the most recent updates were made to this document. Any changes to this policy will become effective upon posting of the revised content on this site. Your use of the site following these changes means that you accept the revised policy. Please check the policy each time you use this website for the most current information.

The Information We Collect About You

This HMCIS Online Privacy Policy applies to all information we receive online from you and about you in connection with an online transaction or request.

The information, if any, which HMCIS collects from or about you (while you are accessing and using our web sites covered by this privacy policy) depends on what you do while you access this web site. HMCIS does not collect any personal information of visitors to the site unless they are accessing the section /domain specific to High Mark Members.


Whenever you do: (a) register or fill out details at this website, (b) request disclosure of credit reports, (c) become a Member of HMCIS then HMCIS does collect personally identifiable information, or business organization identifiable information from you or about you online. However, in these situations HMCIS collects only such information from you and about you as is required to process your request, and to verify your identity. When you provide information, through this website, HMCIS may use it for various purposes as allowed by the Credit Information Companies Regulations Act (CICRA), Based on the nature of your transaction with HMCIS, you may need to provide HMCIS certain personally identifiable consumer information, such as first and last name; home address, billing address, or other physical address; email addresses; telephone numbers; identity information like PAN, Passport, Ration card, Voters ID; surrogate information such as date of birth, gender, names of related entities such as father’s name, spouse name, etc (collectively, “Personally Identifiable Consumer Information”). In general, HMCIS will use the information collected from you for the purpose for which you provided such information. HMCIS will not release your Personally Identifiable Consumer Information to third parties except: (1) as necessary for us to process your transaction, or (2) as permitted by law, or (3) as required by the government, law enforcement, or an order of the court..


While we collect your information (Cookies)


When you visit this website, HMCIS may collect general internet data, including but not limited to your internet protocol (IP) address, the web page from which you entered this site, a record of HMCIS web pages you visited, time you spent on each page. To collect this information, when you visit this site, a "cookie" may be set on your computer. Cookies and other technologies provide HMCIS the capability to monitor the use of HMCIS websites to enable continual improvement of design and functionality to better serve you. Cookies HMCIS uses do not contain or capture unencrypted personal information. If you choose not to accept cookies from HMCIS sites, you may not be able to access and use all or part of the sites or benefit from the information and services offered.

How do we use the Information we collect


HMCIS uses the information collected about you to handle the requests you make to HMCIS. When you, as an individual or as an authorized user of a registered Member of HMCIS, make a request, the information HMCIS collects from you is only used to handle those requests.



Security aspects


HMCIS understands the confidentiality of personal information contained in credit reports, and safeguards the privacy of all information you provide to this Web site. To ensure that your credit information remains secure and confidential, HMCIS uses SSL technology to encrypt the data you provide on this website before transmission to our computers. Encryption is a way of coding the information in a file such that if it is intercepted by a third party as it travels over a network, it cannot be read. Only the person or persons that have the right type of decoding software can unscramble the message. Thus only HMCIS or its authorized representatives can read your encrypted information. Kindly ensure that your browser is enabled to support the recommended 128-bit key length encryption.


Additionally, HMCIS have security protocols and measures in place to protect from unauthorized access or alteration, the personally identifiable information, business organization identifiable information and other information HMCIS maintains about you. These measures include internal and external firewalls, physical security and technological security measures, and encryption of certain data. When personally identifiable information is disposed of, it is disposed of in a secure manner.


You also have a role in protecting the security of information about you. For example, you should guard your password and not permit unauthorized use of your credentials. Additionally, you should close your browser when have finished viewing your information to protect the privacy of your individual or business organization information.


Using and Sharing Information


At times, HMCIS may make information available to third parties that are financial and non-financial companies not related by common ownership or control, such as service providers, membership organizations, government agencies, courts, legal investigators, and other non-affiliated third parties as requested by you or your authorized representative, or otherwise when required or permitted by law.

Policy Regarding Children


We define children as individuals under the age of 18. This website is not intended for the use of children and HMCIS does not knowingly solicit or collect information from children.